Black Haired Santa

A big round belly like a bowl of jelly laughing making the whole room lit

reminds me of a black haired santa makinging everyone smile bit by bit

Tall as an oak not letting anyone quit

This black haired santa is my dad, even though he is pretty old he has the quickest wit



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Not very long ago, there were two boys.

One a sports fan another an emo.

The two boys didn’t like to play with toys.

At last they were both teens, and off they go.

Their childish hearts, are totally lost.

Needing a spark to set their world aglow.

They found something that had no sort of cost

Their lives entwined by the string of a bow.


They were very good friends, their actions, benign.

They were different, be that as it may.

This story is his, but it is also mine.

Our friendship is gentle as a sun’s ray.

We are and will always be amazing friends.

No one’s friendship will shatter, they only bend.


it all comes down to this

First of all I have written 18 posts in all all of them being school related. The post I liked most was the one about where we would like to visit it was very interesting thinking about it cause its not something I think about a lot. I did change blog themes because I had o idea what I was doing at first. I don’t have to many widgets so not enough but ya know there is always next time. I grew a lot as a blogger I went from doing it because I had to to having fun with it it was a good experience. The first thing the person  said was that it was well organized. What captured my persons attention was that the thoughtfulness of the themes. The basketball hoop in the back ground distracts my person. To not have the text on top of the pictures because you cannot read it.

That Animal That We Thought Was Everywhere

This blog is all about animals. To me animals need to be protected because they are important to different food webs and ecosystems. To add to that there is always the chance that some animals may produce something that might help us in the future like a cure for a cancer for example. Today I will be talking about the Canadian Lynx.


First of all The Canadian Lynx lives in a relatively rare environment. By protecting this particular Lynx we are protecting a habitat that is essential to some species such as many types of Rodents. Second of all look at this guy.


Photo Credit: digitalART2 via Compfight cc

This big guy’s beard is pretty amazing if I do say so my self plus his eyes are super neato. Anyway back to the serious stuff. This Lynx keeps down the population of rodents that breed very very fast and without these lynx there would be a ton of rodents scurrying around every where.

European Lynx

Photo Credit: Michael Ransburg via Compfight cc

I don’t think any species should go extinct (besides maybe mosquitos just kidding) but seriously these medium sized cats are very important and it would be a shame for them to die out. They are very important to some ecosystems. They need help they can’t just do it on their own they are animals so be careful in nature not just for these guys but for every animal.


 People say I am very nice,

They say im so cool I could be Ice.

I very much like that I am nice

so that way others are polite and will think twice before giving bad advice.

some say i’m cool and could never be a tool but that way they will never be cruel and hurl figurative gruel

at  me and my school.

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The Destressifier

The game I would like to create to destress your life style  would be called the destressifier. What the object of the game is to get the ball through the hoop but to get the ball through the hoop you would have to do some crazy thing to get a chance to shoot.

The way you win is you make the goal five times. The people you play with choose what you do and you can skip two times each round but everyone has to do something each round no matter what.

I think this would be an awesome game because it would be hilarious! everyone would be laughing the whole time and no one would be able to contain themselves. It would give a chance for people to forget about problems in their life therefor distressing their lives.

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Week 7 me stalking other blogs

1.I visited Joey‘s blog and it was a different sort of blog with a ton of purple and a lot of things going on it seems add to that a random adopt a pet link with no pet above it may have been a glitch but see for yourself his blog is awesome

2.The next blog I stalked today was trinity’s her blog was amazing and full of humor. She obviously loves pizza rolls and she loves to travel which I think is really cool she hits a ton of good points in the post I read and I recommend you read it too.

3.Last but not least the blog I stalked was marcy’s blog it seemed very down to earth and very interesting she does a very good job on her blog.

My amazing wonderful very good week in a foreign world

What I would need to pack would be clothes for everyday of the week and matching socks (because why not)! I would also need a charger for my phone and I would obviously need my phone, I would need a toothbrush and an extra backpack for snacks and needs during tourism times. I would stay in a four star hotel that offers room service and has lots of ice cream because if i’m traveling by myself I will need something to comfort me after a hard days work of walking around and taking pictures of cool stuff. My budget would be 1000 dollars so I could buy a lot of souvenirs and eat A TON of food.

15608004004     When I would get back I would make everything a big deal and I would explain every detail.

Blogging week 4

If I could make an international event it wóuld be national give day where everyone gives something to someone it wouldnt matter what you gave as long as it was nice and put a smile on someones face. We would be celebrating human kindness around the world. Some advertising I would use would be a banner showing someone smiling and words at the bottom saying make a smile, give back.


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